The Ladies Committee

The “Centrale van Joodse Weldadigheid” is the umbrella organisation of the many institutions and activities, voluntary as well as professional; for the elderly, the sick, the destitute and the handicapped of the Antwerp Jewish Community.

The Ladies Committee has its main voluntary activities centered around the “Parents’ Home”, the Service Flats and the Club Shalom.

Every year in October they host a big party. Their members collect funds from all parts of the community, money which is used mainly to buy expensive but invaluable medical and paramedical appliances.

They originally started by procuring a few medical instruments, but as their activities developed, they became the biggest sponsors of the old-age home and have expanded into buying furniture and domestic appliances.

As the situation became so precarious in town, they offer every month a nice donation for the social activities of the Centrale.

The Chanukah and Purim celebrations become truly festive occasions with music, shows and fancy dress.

The Ladies Committee is a large group of women of all ages, background and social status.
They have one common goal, namely to help the poor and the elderly, to assist them when or wherever needed.


The Ladies during the annual Thee Afternoon

The Ladies during the annual Thee Afternoon

Involvement and Dedication to the Community

Involvement and Dedication to the Community

Purim in het rusthuis


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