About Us

Niko Gunzburg established the Centrale in April 1920.

Article 1 of the bylaws stated :

A General Administration for Jewish Welfare was established in Antwerp. Its purpose is to organise, centralise and supervise the private and public welfare initiatives in Antwerp.

Niko Gunzburg was a flemish lawyer, diplomat, writer and pioneer of the Nürnberg Trials.

He is still the inspiration of all our activities.

Unique are the principles of the  Royal Society for Jewish Welfare or better known as the “Centrale” :


      1. 2-yearly democratic elections of the Board chosen by our 3000 members
      2. Accountability to the community and transparency of activities and working
      3. Cooperation with all relevant social agencies
      4. A social safety net which binds and supports the Jewish Community
      5. Equal services to the weak and needy as to the prosperous members
      6. A representational body which defends the social rights of our Community